Request "Hangin With" Coverage of Your Event

We are dedicated to bringing the world-wide-web the best and brightest names and projects in arts & entertainment.  We pride ourselves on going where creators are!


Are you hosting or organizing an event to bring artists, authors, filmmakers, and creators to your community?  Are you planning a fan event or convention where you want to showcase your fandom and your creators across the world-wide-web?


The Hangin With Web Show wants to be there for you and your guests!  Fill out the web form and our team will be in touch to schedule our coverage of you and your event.

Why Do You Want "Hangin With Web Show Coverage?

We share our interviews and coverage with our web followers and social media fans.  We share coverage with our more than 3,000 Facebook fans, 4,660 Twitter followers, 9,048 blog readers as well as our more than 1,200 YouTube subscribers and 180+ instagram followers, 197 GooglePlus followers and more.  This is your chance to share your work and that of your vendors, artists. authors, film-makers, and creators with a growing audience on the world wide web.

What Do We Need to Provide On-Site Coverage

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The Hangin With Web Show is committed to being an active part of the ongoing shift in the creative arts and entertainment paradigms!  We are pleased that we are set to go where the digital communications age's most talented and dedicated creators, from artists and authors to filmmakers and comic producers and even cosplayers and top models, are going to be.  We want to cover it all as wel it can be covered.


What We Need:


1.  Access to your event and the special guests and creators you plan to have on site


    Our staff consists nomally of 4 people.  We have a camera operator, a guest relations coordinator, our show host and our "show-     runner."  All we need is for these professionals to have access to the artists and creators who will attend your event, as well as

    the  event attendees.  Our staff is very professional and inobtrusive.  They only go where they are wanted and only engage those

    who wish to be engaged.


2.  Space to conduct on-site interviews with your special guests, creators, celebrity guests and even your attendees


    Spaces can be found in out-of-the-way corners and nitches at your venue.  We attempt to use areas aproximately (10 x 10) or

    (12 x 12), where we can have some control over lighting and sound.  We do NOT need to have total control.  One of the things that     make your event succesful is the noise and buzz created by attendees, and we want to compliment this, not eliminate it.  We

    have used seating areas in hotel lobbies and outside convention vendor areas, and even vendor table spaces to set up our

    equipment and report on events and the creators who make them great!


3.  Access to the Internet (Optional) and Electricity


    Our team does need to keep equipment charged and have access to the internet to upload interviews in a timely manner.  For

    this reason, access to electricity in our interview area, and internet access are prefered.  Our staff is professional and always

    ensures that cords, cables and equipment is always stowed neatly out of passages of entrance or egress.  Safety is always of

    paramount conceren, and we take this obligation very seriously.

Thank You!! We Appreciate You!

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